Der Beipackzettel schlechthin:

Die Info-Sheets zu den P.Trash 7″, 10″ und 12″ Vinyls.


STATUES – (you can‘t wash)
dirty thoughts

--->Full Trash 24:
New People make us nervous

GHETTO WAYS – funny style
--->Full Trash 46: I always wanted you

VÅNNA INGET – jag vet inget
--->Full Trash 70: Allvar

FEAR OF LIPSTICK – satellites
--->Full Trash 71: Seasons

OUTTACONTROLLER – pink pocket knife
--->Full Trash 77: Don‘t play dumb

STEVE ADAMYK – hollowed
--->Full Trash 59: Same

SEDATIVES – automatic
--->Full Trash 38: Same

GRUPO SUB-1 – matar a hitler
--->Full Trash 65: Nuevos Dioses

FUNFUNS – everybody likes you (i don‘t)
--->Full Trash 75: Same

ZEBRASSIERES – party ghost
--->Full Trash 74: Gooey Zoo

YEAR ZERO – the great debate
--->Full Trash 57: Year One

TONGAN DEATH GRIP – something’s wrong
--->Full Trash 64: Chula Vista

GLOW KIT – misunderstood
--->Full Trash 78: Same

HEADACHE CITY – you can never win
--->Full Trash 39: We can‘t have anything nice

CITY SWEETHEARTS – war in my head
--->Full Trash 54: Sleeping through Modern Times

GENITAL HOSPITAL – don‘t tell me
--->Full Trash 69: Eyes full of Terror

FIX-IT – before the storm
--->Full Trash 62: Who’s the Pig

IRRITONES – we are negative dots
--->Full Trash 53: Negative Dots

ARSENE OBSCENE – je ne tolere rien
--->Full Trash 52: Zone Industrielle

AGRO JIVE – burn little girl
--->Full Trash 49: Same

POPPETS – make it ok
--->Full Trash 42: Same

DOCTOR SCIENTIST – prehistoric times
--->Full Trash 55: Prehistoric Times

PRESS GANG – this mess
--->Full Trash 30: Same

ABOUT: BLANKS – your pretty face is going down the jobcentre
--->Full Trash 67: 12 boring Blasts

MODERN PETS – affected people
--->Full Trash 66: Same

RAD KIDS – neon lights (revenge 88)
--->Full Trash 20: Killed by Trash Vol. 2 Comp

--->Full Trash 68: Zulu

REGULATIONS – in the shadow of the mall
--->Full Trash 50: To be me

DEAN DIRG – i don‘t like you(r) band
--->Full Trash 36: Four successive Blasts

COCKTAILBAR STAMMHEIM – ich versteh das nicht
--->Full Trash 63: Same

EA 80 – züri brennt! (tnt)
--->Full Trash 10: Killed by Trash Vol. 1 Comp

LOCAL OAFS – thomas savage
--->Full Trash 48: Power and Glory

BRUTAL KNIGHTS – i do nothing
--->Full Trash 21: Feast of Shame

HATEPINKS – tete malade- sick in the head
--->Live Trash 03: Live at the Stork Club

SPITS – spit me out
--->Live Trash 01: 2006 European Tour

--->Full Trash 44: Same

WE LIVE IN TRENCHES – modern hex
--->Full Trash 43: Modern Hex

SISTA SEKUNDEN – morfar knut
--->Full Trash 58: Åldras med Stil

GRANDE COBRA – in a minute
--->Full Trash 41: Echoes of Rebellion

RUSSIAN ROULETTES – all the things
--->Full Trash 45: R‘N'R

--->Full Trash 47: DIY

KAMIKAZE TRIO – rain on your parade
--->Full Trash 26: Rain on your Parade

TRUTHDEALER – suicide, homicide, or billy joel
--->Full Trash 61: The Contrarian

side c

DIGITAL LEATHER – young doctors in love
--->Full Trash 76: Modern Problems

BRAT FARRAR – from paris to kabul
--->P.Trash 78: From Paris to Kabul +1

IMPO & THE TENTS – do the wipers
--->P.Trash 83: Going to the Moon +2

ATOMS – pop culture
--->P.Trash 46: Format +2

MOTHER‘S CHILDREN – see the other guy
--->P.Trash 79: See the other Guy +1

URANIUM COMBEBACK – burning eyes
--->Short-Circuit Trash 04: Same

SONIC AVENUES – fading love
--->P.Trash 75: Split with STEVE ADAMYK

PINK WINE – go steady
--->Full Trash 97: Same

MEAN JEANS – i remember how (white wires)
--->P.Trash 66: Split with WHITE WIRES

PRIMITIVE HEARTS – primitive heart
--->P.Trash 86: Primitive Heart +3

WHITE WIRES – born on a saturday night (mean jeans)
--->P.Trash 66: Split with MEAN JEANS

M.O.T.O. – stay at home
--->P.Trash 27: Climb up the Eiffel Tower +3

MARVELOUS DARLINGS – the only ones for miles
--->P.Trash 55: The only Ones for Miles +1

--->Full Trash 94: Same

--->P.Trash 54: In the City +2

RED MASS – you‘ve heard these chords before (nervous eaters)
--->Short-Circuit Trash 01: Split with STRANGE ATTRACTOR

NEW YORK WANNABES – dear father
--->Full Trash 87: Loud and Proud

side d

SPLITS – crazy for you
--->Full Trash 80: Same

LE KID & LES MARINELLIS – t‘es pas d‘ici
--->Full Trash 84: Les Jolies Filles

TOYOTAS – run-down cities
--->P.Trash 34: Run-Down Cities +3

LATEX LOVERS – secret kisses
--->Full Trash 85: Same

SHARP OBJECTS – zero ambition
--->P.Trash 72: Zero Ambition +1

MODERN ACTION – molotov solution
--->Full Trash 72: Molotov Solution

MALADROITS – teenage angst
--->Full Trash 90: Same

DAGGER EYES – solar flare
--->Full Trash 83: Same

LA FLINGUE – ton cuir noir de merde
--->Full Trash 89: Kleb-Stoff Zéro-Deux

AGGRAVATION – pressure
--->P.Trash 45: Pressure +3

CARBONAS – don‘t hide your hate (the filth)
--->Full Trash 10: Killed by Trash Vol. 1 Comp

IDLE HANDS – this generation’s on vacation (shock)
--->P.Trash 50: Split with MUTAGENS

MUTAGENS – mindless contentment (plugz)
--->P.Trash 50: Split with IDLE HANDS

CHEAP THRILLS – i‘m useless (queers)
--->Full Trash 20: Killed by Trash Vol. 2 Comp

UNRELEASEABLES – getting inked
--->P.Trash 69: Six Songs for sick Minds

RETAINERS – lose it
--->P.Trash 24: Lose it +3

STEP DADS – die with a reason
--->P.Trash 71: Child Support

--->Short-Circuit Trash 01: Split with RED MASS

SECRET PROSTITUTES – mati di moskow (@ 40 rpm)
--->P.Trash 56: Mati di Moskow +4

BIRTHDAY SUITS – kids fire run fire
--->P.Trash 59: Kids Fire Run Fire +1

SPENT FLESH – 131002 on the walls
--->Short-Circuit Trash 05: Same

AC4 – dead inside
--->P.Trash 62: Umeå Hardcore

VICIOUS CYCLE – the waiting
--->Short-Circuit Trash 02: Black Dot

NO PROBLEM – living in the void
--->Full Trash 81: And now this

here’s a download-link for the 4×45min music (mp3) and some artwork (pdf) so that you can tinker your own physical copies. DIY! (side a/b) (side c/d)

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